Oberon’s Calling: The Birth of Nick Jones: A Science-Fiction Action Thriller

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Lucien Malum is a junior executive for the Research and Development section of The Corporation’s megastructure, safely nestled inside Olympus Mons on Mars. He has been slowly climbing the corporate ladder for well over a century. Since becoming the Assistant Director of the Special Projects division, Lucien has been secretly searching for a very special piece of ancient technology. A hyper-advanced fighter craft.

He’s not the only one looking for it.

The Council, a group of centuries-old superhumans who have guided human expansion since humanity was forced into the stars. They are also looking for the craft, as well as the remains of their fallen comrade.

When the craft is discovered on Jupiter’s ice moon Europa, the resulting covert struggle for control over the ship and what remains of its pilot will change one man’s life forever.


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