Ronin of the Dead: Book One

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Two years ago, the undead rose up around the world.
Nobody knows where they came from.

By the time the scientists of the world knew what they were facing, it was too late. The war between humanity and the undead had already been decided.
Humans lost.

Kenshiro Watanabe hasn’t seen another living person for six months now. The last one he saw, he was forced to kill. Kenshiro has learned to survive in the zombie world by following one simple rule: Avoid the living as much as the undead. Now, after all this time he has forged himself into a weapon against the undead. He stays to the forgotten roads of rural America, and stays hidden from living and undead eyes alike.

In a small Colorado town, Kenshiro inadvertently finds a special teen that challenges his way of life and forces him to rethink his priorities. Over time, Kenshiro learns the child has a special ability that could change the course of the undead plague.

Together, the pair struggle to find common ground amidst the constant threat of the undead, and they overcome personal tragedies that force them into the uncertainty of the undead landscape of middle America.
This is Book One in an epic four-part series. Join Kenshiro, Elliott, and Elle as they navigate their way through this desolate new world, finding strength in unexpected places and hope amid the ruins. This is just the beginning of their story.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in this thrilling saga.
The journey has only just begun…

Find this book on Amazon, Apple Book Store, Barnes & Nobles


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